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From the album entitled 'Hollow', released May 20, 2022


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HolyRoller - Swimming Witches

Released July 8, 2022

Black Doomba Records is known for releasing singles and albums in the doom genre that need to be discovered. HolyRoller's 'Swimming Witches' is one of the latest releases as of July 8, 2022. Links at 'Learn More' for more info about HolyRoller. From Adam Cody, guitarist/vocalist, "Swimming Witches was our first release as a full band with everyone bringing riffs & songs to the table. This release taught us how to work together & fine tune our craft."

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MNRVA - Hollow

Released May 20, 2022

This is one of the newest releases courtesy of Black Doomba Records, and it’s guaranteed you’ll love this album, 'Hollow'. MNRVA is a doom fuzz band formed in 2018 by Byron Hawk (g/v), Kevin Jennings (b/v), and Gina Ercolini (d). The band plays doom metal with a sludgy vibe and a fuzzy tone that doesn’t easily fit in a single category but is always heavy. The band’s mid-slow tempo tracks highlight strong, catchy songwriting with varying vocal styles, drawing on a progressive sense of arrangement, groove-laden riffs.

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GRAVE NEXT DOOR - Sanctified Heathen

Released March 18, 2022

"The band’s aim to capture their live energy through a raw late 70s/early 80s inspired sound, and the policy to never put anything on an album that they can’t play live, has certainly been achieved. The album’s raw honesty is part of its nonconformist charm, breaking away from the cleaner, psychedelic tendencies of modern doom and stoner metal. GRAVE NEXT DOOR strip the genre back to its bare bones, getting back to the deep, rotten roots of what stoner metal is." - Tom Fordham, Distorted Sound, January 26, 2022

Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf - Doomsday Deferred - front cover - 300dpi.jpg


Released September 3, 2021

By Ben Gardiner, Metal Temple, August 10, 2021:   "...the brainchild of Tommy Stewart, bassist of Thrash Metal band HALLOWS EVE. With this project, we see Tommy using his vast musical expertise to craft an exciting Experimental Stoner / Doom album, with a unique, guitarless twist. The decision to forgo guitars for the entirety of the album creates an individualistic tone and feel for the album, and Tommy Stewart produces so many different riffs and sounds with the bass, that guitars are certainly not missed. A transcendental, experimental dive into the vast creative mind of Tommy Stewart, this album is mixing pot of styles and different sounds all combining to create a sonically psychedelic trip that is enjoyable for the ears and the mind, every listen feels new."