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TOMMY STEWART'S DYERWULF - Sordid Songs for a Cold Grey Sun

December 6, 2019

A dark and atmospheric collection that may be described as dank depressive ambience, this 4 song EP by TSDW may be a prelude to the next full album that has yet to be named. Side 1 features "Wheels of Confusion" by Black Sabbath with a special arrangement for bass, drums, and vocals plus "Thy Graveless Soul". Side 2 is thematic with the instrumental "Hollow Heart" leading into "Sad Stormy Sunday".

CULT OF SORROW - Invocation of the Lucifer

September 20, 2019

Traditional doom with hard rock grooves while paying homage to themes of Luciferian Gnosticism. "Cincinnati’s doom metal overlords unleash a dire torrent of traditional doom upon the doom music scene with 'Invocation of  the Lucifer', a second full-length that showcases the band’s songwriting growth and displays a ferocity not yet unleashed on the earlier releases." (edit) - Metal Force. " takes something special to truly stand out, and Cult of Sorrow, through great songwriting and heavy riffs, are that something. Tune in, turn on, groove out." - Angry Metal Guy


Release Date:      June 6, 2019

13 Artists who were meticulously chosen to be featured on this special double vinyl set for their individual musical flavor. The theme of this curation of artists was to show the variety of styles within the doom genre. Includes Negative Wall, Doomstress, Stoneman, Witchcross, Gallow God, Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf, Dead Register, Bludy Gyres, Order of the Owl, DayGlo mourning, Coffin Torture, Gravehuffer, Xothun.


Release Date:      December 7, 2018

Rope Enough for Two is a split album with DayGlo Mourning on one side featuring songs about weeds, wizards, and rituals. The other side is Bludy Gyres with a nearly 18 minute long epic about giants. Songs include Weedcreeper, Wizard in White, Dark Ritual, and Behold! Your World Now Burns (Blunderbore Suite). So choose your journey, Wizards or Giants!


Release Date:      February 8, 2019

A sci-fi doom voyage through 70's inspired stoner music scapes and blues riffs from this battle scarred line-up of musicians you may have heard on many metal recordings. Including alumni from Hallows Eve, Bludy Gyres, and Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf. Songs include "Imperii Exsules" inspired by a 60's Outer Limits episode known as The Zanti Misfits and "Hybrid Genus Serpentis", the bizarre story of an astronaut, alien sex, imprisonment, and the end of all things. "The most unloved sound to exist is the last heart and its last beat."


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Traditional and Progressive Doom

"Rather than concentrate on monotonously slow sluggish music that is full of feedback and growling vocals, Bludy Gyres takes a more classic approach to doom metal. Like early British doom metal bands such as Black Sabbath the music is bass heavy however the band threw the power trio book out of the window and incorporates elements of early British Prog such one might hear in the music of King Crimson." - Terry Cuyler, Taste Nation


Southern Sludge

"DayGlo Mourning. With gritty vocals from Jerimy McNeil (bass) and Joseph Mills (guitar), and instruments (Ray Miner – drums) that sound as though they were recorded through thick mud, this Atlanta band is here to bring you down with hefty riffs. Three of their songs can be found on the ‘Rope Enough For Two‘ split with Bludy Gyres." - The Metal Wanderlust


Sci-Fi Blues Doom

Negative Wall lyrically explores 60's sci-fi tv shows and blends that with descriptions of older times in polarized storytelling. When you mix that with blues inspired riffs done as slow metal, with a touch of psychedelia, then you get a unique offering with a mostly doom metal feel from this trio.


Two Piece Doom

"Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf is touted as doom metal, but I can see listeners of industrial and depressive suicidal black metal appreciating them as much as doom metal fans, perhaps even more so. The dank ambience and banausic monotone has a certain despondent attraction all its own; while some may initially find it too plodding and redundant, something about the grievous presentation of these songs beguiles you to stay. Whether it’s Stewart’s ghostly vocal style, or that he and Vogt recorded the entire album live, or that the material has such a basic and bare bones sensibility. Or it’s more likely that all these attributes joined together beget an apocalyptic style that has more in common with what it would be long after a catastrophic event that wiped out every living creature on earth and nothing was left in all the world except decaying structures and charred landscapes." - Autoeroticashyxium Zine


Traditional Doom

Cult of Sorrow is a doom metal band from Cincinnati, Ohio inspired by early heavy metal in it's most primal format. "Cult of Sorrow sounds like Black Sabbath as fronted by Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan. Yes, such a collaboration resulted in the oddity known as Born Again in 1983, but the Cincinnati group has a much more 70s approach in mind. Comparisons could also be made to traditional doom revivalists like Hour of 13 and Briton Rites as the guitar tone is somewhere between retro fuzz and a dark crunch, while the occult lyrics are delivered by a mid-range vocal that opts for melody without sounding too operatic or melodramatic." - Chris Latta, Indy Metal Vault


 A look at Black Doomba Records

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The label officially started January 1st 2018 and time will reveal the growth of the label. There are three to four releases per year, including a compilation, with emphasis on promotion and awareness of doom metal artists. 

Artist submission at

Submissions will be reviewed. If you don't get a response it's not that we didn't like you, it's that for one or more of several reasons you didn't fit the label profile at the time. You're welcome to submit again at a later date.

Quote from a BDR Facebook post in answer to a musician asking, What can a label do for bands nowadays?

      "A service is provided to do things that artists could do, but don't get done. What's offered is to invest in an artist to make physical products of a creative type, colored vinyl, limited edition packaging, unusual collectible versions. It's distributed through online sources, independent music stores, and physically at festivals where BDR vends and joins as sponsor (Maryland Doom Fest and Slaughter Que) and promotes the artist through networking and promo agents. Time, money, and energy is spent networking and establishing the best priced manufacturing, promo, and distribution. True, the bands could do all this too. But they often don't, it requires more effort than they can afford, they're understandably busy. Here, the work is done for them."



Black Doomba is committed to creating and distributing styles of doom metal. Artists submitting music should be web active, playing shows and a doom style of metal.


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